Once Upon a Time…

The Mission

Born out a desire to create high quality clothing that inspires and motivates society to do better, be better, and create a healthy future.

HURT HEAL REPEAT Clothing focuses on designs with positive messaging and a willingness to never back down in the face of hatred, bigotry, or an individual’s negative self talk. We recognize that everyone is created equal, deserving of respect, beautiful and we know that love is love. We are proud LGBTQ+ and BIPOC allies. If you don’t like that, go ahead and fuck off already.

HHR Clothing is an online, made to order brand. All shirts are made from a blend of organic and recycled materials.

If you’re looking for shirts, hoodies, stickers and even face masks (Ugh, Thanks COVID), that tell the world you’re pushing yourself and your community to rise up and be better, then you found it.

Unisex apparel for adults and children.

Motivational Speaker, Nathan Hutton, wearing our LOVE OVER HATE shirt during an online presentation.

“I would totally buy that shirt.”

Random person HHR Clothing rep ran into.

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